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Cisco 871 PPPOE solved some website ‘waiting for …’ problem.

I’m using a cisco 871 as router to connect to ADSL. but some website always cannot connected.

for example:


checked with netstat -t , the state may shows ‘SYN_SENT’ or ‘CLOSE_WAIT’. but most of the website have no problem.
Refer to this pate: http://hardforum.com/showthread.php?t=1457218

solved by adding two line to dialer0:
mtu 1492
ip tcp adjust-mss 1452

#erase start

#conf t
#hostname main router
#enable secret password
#no ip domain-loopup
#ip domain name myneoway.com
#ip name-server

if using ddns, then this line must not exist. ddns update use dns servers to get ip address of ddns server ip address, no domian lookup will not use dns server. then will get no ip address when fail.

#line vty 0 4
#password password

VPDN: Virtual Private Dialup Network

Configuring a virtual private dialup network (VPDN) enables multiple clients to communicate through the router by way of a single IP address.
Configure the Virtual Private Dialup Network Group Number:

#vpdn enable                Enables VPDN on the router
#vpdn-group 1                Creates and associates a VPDN group with a customer or VPDN profile.
#request-dialin                Creates a request-dialin VPDN subgroup, indicating the dialing direction, and initiates the tunnel.
#protocol pppoe                Specifies the type of sessions the VPDN subgroup can establish.

Fast internet interface:
#int fa4
#pppoe-client dial-pool-number 1                Configures the PPPoE client and specifies the dialer interface to use for cloning.
#no shutdown


#int vlan1
#ip address
#ip nat inside

Dialer interface:
#interface dialer 0
#ip address negotiated
#mtu 1492
#ip tcp adjuest-mss 1452                to solve some websit no response problem.
#encapsulation ppp
#ppp authentication pap callin
#ppp pap sent-username username password 0 PASSWORD
#dialer pool 1
#dialer-group 1

#ip ddns update hostname neowong.dyndns.org                    for ddns update
#ip ddns update dyndns host members.dyndns.org

#ip nap outside                for NAT

#ip route dialer 0

#ip dhcp excluded-address
#ip dhcp pool dpool1
#import all
#domain-name myneoway.com


#ip ddns update method dyndns
#add http://USER:PASSWORD@<s>/nic/update?system=dyndns&hostname=<h>&myip=<a&gt;

use ctrl+v then press ? to input a ? symbol.

#interval maximum 7 0 0 0


#access-list 1 permit
#ip nat inside source list 1 interface dialer 0 overload

#ip nat inside source stasic tcp 3389 interface dialer0 3389

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