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USB disk with DOS+WINPE+linux multibootable


WIndows (xp or Windows 7) / Fedora 14


Imation 8GB flash disk.

1, Under windows, use HPUSBFW tool to format the usb disk as USB-HDD and check bootable while format.
2, use another usb disk to boot and ghost the 8GB usb ‘disk > image’, and then ‘ image > disk’ to reduce the first dos fat32 partition to about 700MB.
3, Under Linux, create new partition about 800MB after the first partition. and change type to ntfs, mkfs.ntfs /dev/sd**
4, mount the new partition and copy all files windows pe to the second partition.

Test boot to dos or WinPE:
the usb disk can boot to dos
use tools to make the second partition active and the disk can boot to PE.

5, install debian 6.0 , as the debian 6 is using grub 2.0, I’m not familiar with it.
5, install fedora 14. then it will got two boot record linux and pe. manually add the DOS to grub boot record.

Perfect , All done.

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