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Fight with G F W

The most easy and effect way to fight with Great – Firewall. At least I think.
For those who need to surf facebook/twitter/youtube/… in China PRC (no need to pay)

  • OS: Linux (also work with Win)
  • IPV6 tunnel broker (TSP, udp port, can go through NAT) software with Taiwan servers address (fast speed while in China PRC).
  • hosts file with IPV6 address.
  • Firefox with ‘autoproxy’ plugin
  • IPV6 web proxy server.
  • Internet access (NAT is ok)


  1. gogoc 1.2 for linux or win
  2. os has IPV6 enabled
  3. edit gogoc.conf, change server to ‘server=taipei.freenet6.net
  4. connect gogoc
  5. firefox install ‘autoproxy’ plugin and add one new proxy server: ‘proxy.532vpn.com’ ,set as default ( this is for website which don’t have ipv6 address but been blocked by great – firewall, when met this kind of website, enable proxy for this web in autoproxy plugin. for example ‘*.wordpress.com’)
  6. update known ipv6 websites address to hosts file: https://docs.google.com/View?docid=dfkdmxnt_61d9ck9ffq

All done.

Other TSP server refer: http://www.rd.ipv6.org.tw/?page_id=48

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