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VMware VCP-DCV training and certification.

Last week, I was in the course of VMware VCP-DCV. I decide to start again with my post updating.

To log and record my works, experience and the learning path, this is a very good way. I saw some one in China publish his own books based on the article him write during the daily works. Hope one day I can do that : D.

This week I was doing the Esxi 5.5 install. Before that I was using XenServer 6.2 on two desktops to learn my Citrix CCA certification. As I got that and I would like to get VCP certification soon, I need to phase out Xen and get back to Esxi again.

I used the tool ESXi-Customizer to add customized VIB file to Esxi iso and installed on two Desktop. I used command line installed VIB file to a running Esxi 5.5 in order to get more NIC.


The issue is I have DC on XenServers, it can’t boot up after I convert it to Esxi using VMware vCenter Converter Standalone. I’ll fix this soon.


And I saw some one said that it’s better to built new DC on Esxi and demoted the previous one. I’ll try this then.

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