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Linux Receiver work with HDX RealTime Media Engine 1.7.100, Lync Optimization solution

July 23, 2015 Leave a comment
  • Neo Wang

Hardware and Software requirement:


  1. Desktop / Laptop / ThinClient which is not so modern that have supporting driver installed.
    s the new Lenovo Carbon 3rd Gen doesn’t get xvideo installed while installing Ubuntu.
  2. Hard drive at least 8GB. Mem: best large than 2GB
  3. CPU: x86 / arm


  1. OS: HP ThinPro / Ubuntu / RedHat (SuSE)
    this is based on the /etc/*-release
  2. Software: Citrix Receiver / PulseAudio / xvinfo (XVideo) / udev
  3. VM have “HDX RealTime Connector 1.7.100 for Lync 2013” installed


Run the


Enable audio input
Citrix Receiver default will have audio input disabled, modify below file to enable it.
< AllowAudioInput=false

> AllowAudioInput=True

Adjust Headset

Some of the audio device (Headset) might be recognize as input device that prevent the mouse function well while in a call. Disable it as input device.
Modify the file /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/10-edev.conf
Section “InputClass”

Identifier “GN Netcom”

MatchUSBID “0b0e:0300”

Option “Ignore” “true”


How it looks like:



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