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Fix Cisco 7961g with authorize faild error while upgrade firmware.

November 26, 2012 Leave a comment
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HP Thin Client T5550 with 2x 3.5 SATA disk/Freenas7 as NAS

November 21, 2012 6 comments

T5550 with 2x 3.5 Hard drive.

Now I’m using Freenas7 and HP thinclient T5550, I’ll upgrade it to T510 when I got the new one as the new model have more powerful CPU. (2x core).

Upgrade to Esxi 5

December 23, 2011 Leave a comment

Actually, that’s not upgrade, I didn’t select ‘Marge’ when install. It was fresh install.
I’m using a 44Pin flash disk, 1GB to host the Esxi installation.

1, backup the flash (Esxi 4.1 update) to a dd file. Connect the flash disk to Desktop Via Usb cable.
2, Restore the dd file to another 1G 44Pin flash disk, and install 5.0 on the second disk.
3, The new Esxi 5 can recognize my RTL8168 Nic.

Althon II X2 255
4G x2

Storage/Network/CPU all have no problem.


April 28, 2011 Leave a comment

Updated at Jul 6th 2011:

My module is FD064-019PR, flash disk 64MB 40pin 10mm PCB width plain-formed +5V VCC at 20pin.

it will not work when plug into normal mother board. the normal 40pin ide is missing 20 pin. I add a cable to add +5v power to DOM.

connect 20pin to +5V. works at a normal IDE connector.



an very old one.

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Built HP Neoware BA-EON-3000I-46E to a freenas server.

April 28, 2011 2 comments


Hardware reference:

Add one 3.5” PATA disk and a 12V power supply in to it.


Regains from Arp 30th, the system always no response. When checking the monitor output, it got a error ‘Missing disk…’ Checked the log, that the disk was not properly dismounted. The temperature in the case was very high. I think that the power adapter disconnect itself from being damaged by high temperature.  I left the case opened and add one fan on the power module. Let’s see what the result is.


May 3rd.

Still got missing disk error, Because the +5v power is from build in power supply module of Neoware, I connect the +5v power to the additional power supply as the +12v does. Then also the Fan. Let’s see what will happen this time.


Gave up as the machine is so unstable. Now using hp t5735 as NAS server. works fine.

Guide line to replace capacitor.

April 27, 2011 Leave a comment

固体电容普通耐压低,最高也不过20v,但是同耐压同容量下面他体积比液体电容大很多,所以我们替换的情况都是在电压、容量两者至少有一个和主板液体电容不一致的情况下面进行的。主板cpu供电部分:是将5v或者12v变换为cpu需要1.xV低压,因此输入端根据5v和12v来选择耐压为6.3v和16v的固体电容。容量方面,由于输入端和电源直接相连,只需要滤出一些感应的噪声干扰即可,不需要多大容量。通常情况下,12v取电的主板输入端原16v 1500u(1000u、1800u看主板用料)选用16v 330u固体电容代替;5v取电的主板输入端用6.3v至少470u以上固体电容代替。输出端选用耐压2.5v以上,ESR低于或者至少一样的固体电容。由于cpu工作电流很大,这个位置需要一定容量来保证cpu稳定工作,通常选用4v820u、1200u替换原来2200u,3300u液体电容,当然有更大容量更好。

主板的AGP,DIMM供电部分:这部分负载电流不大,根据三洋的PDF中说明,液体电容的ESR需和固体电容一样才能在常温下面获得和固体电容同样性能,而固体电容特点就是ESR小,470u的固体电容几乎相当于2200u的液电容的ESR,这样一来替换就很随意了。470u到820u都能远远优于主板常采用的1000u液体电容。 关于耐压,在更换前,先测量被替换的电容的工作电压,选择大于他的替换即可。从经验来看,绝大多数这些位置的电容工作电压不超过3.3v,少数为5v,可用4v,6.3v固体电容替换。

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HP T5550 arrived.

April 7, 2011 1 comment




The new model of HP Thinclient which the replacement of HP T5540 – T5550 arrived at my office.

VIA Nano U3500 1G CPU

VX900 chipset – VT1708/A Azalia HDAC build in

1G DDR3 Memery

Sil164CTG64 VGA/DVI conventer

Broadcom 57780 1000 NIC

JM20330 IDE SATA bridge chip

512MB flash disk


It has a SATA 7pin+15pin combin connector on board and a same hidden SATA port near the 44pin PATA port.

It has a Mini PCI-E port on board.

I had connect a 3.5” SATA hard drive to the onboard SATA port and It can install Xp and Squeeze. But the built in openchrome driver doesn’t support VX900 chip. Need to update openchrome. Will send a pic next few days.

Now I can add few pictures.

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